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101 Ideas for Real Estate Blogs

Out of ideas for Real Estate Blogging?

101 Ideas for Real Estate BlogIf your list of ideas for Real Estate Blogging is running low, look no further. Networked Listings knows how important it is to consistently blog 20 times a month to increase site traffic. To help you achieve this, we have assembled a great list of real estate blog topics for you to keep on hand.  As you write, keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Practices in mind to ensure your efforts are rewarded with good placement in search engines and fresh viewers coming to your website. To make this easier, Networked Listings has created a free and easy-to-use Real Estate SEO tool to guide you through the process.

Fresh Ideas+SEO Tool = A Successful Real Estate Blog

Receive this evergrowing list by email and each week, we will send you fresh ideas to blog about as well as the latest SEO tips. Blog topics include everything from Home Staging Ideas and Home Care to Local Events and Venues. Use your knowledge about your niche area and transform them into searchable, relevant content for your next new client.

Be sure to write your articles using our Real Estate SEO tool which will guide you through the latest SEO Best Practices and then email the formatted article back to you to add to your blog. This tools shows you how to find out what home buyers and sellers are searching for so you can write the best possible content. It explains SEO terminologies and how they function so there is no more mystery as to how to get your articles found.

Free SEO Tool for Real Estate Agents

SEO Tools for Real Estate Agents don’t have to cost a fortune.

Free SEO ToolIf you don’t have any SEO tools or are uncertain how to add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your Real Estate blog posts, here is an easy to use SEO tool to walk you through the process. The main trick to good SEO is to build the article around a phrase that you are sure folks will use in a search engine. In other words, if you were looking for your article on Google, what would you search to ind it? Is this the phrase thousands of other people would also use? Test it out. If you open Google and start to type your phrase, Google will begin to guess what you are going to type.

  • Does your phrase come up?
  • Is it bold?
  • Is it at the top or further down the list?

If Google doesn’t guess the phrase you are typing, it is likely because nobody is searching for it. You can certainly stick with your original phrase but be prepared for reduced results and less leads. However, if you use one of the phrases Google suggested, you can expect to come up in more search results. Insert what you found on Google in our SEO Tool below.

Not sure what to write about?
Try our 101 Ideas for Real Estate Blogging.


Anyone can write a blog post but you are here because you want this article to rank well on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Please enter the keyword phrase that you want people to search for to find your article.

What would you search on Google to find the article you are about to write?
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